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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
no swimsuits wouldn't be warm enough-I don't go in the water here.
A neoprene wetsuit is probaby what it would take to get me swimming outside here.

I'd much prefer nude-but they don't allow it at the public pool (which is in the highschool).

I checked out the link to the place you talked about earlier in the thread. Looked really cool.

Another good reason to go to Vermont is that there are no state laws forbidding nudity. A few towns have anti-nudity ordinances, but those are mainly aimed at "lewd and lascivious behaviour", in other words, people (usually men but not always) "cruising" for sex. The Naked in Vermont Yahoo Group is basically a bunch of guys looking for hook-ups with other guys, especially the owner, even though they pretend to get mad at COUPLES when COUPLES come on the group saying "Hey where can we go so that my wife can blow me and someone might "accidentally" catch us". They yell at those people but when some guy "accidentally" posts about the size and circumcisionary status of their penis, it's all "Tee-hee! We can't ignore that the sexual aspect of nudity is a fundamental part of humanity! Tee-hee!" and the post doesn't get removed until EVERYONE has seen it, because we all must know what so-and-so's penis is like.

I left that group but I check it every now and then for lulz.
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