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I wrote to my friend and asked her if it would of been more helpful to of shown my anger towards the man who caused her pain. I admitted that I was very angry and that I really wanted to express that... she assured me that my letting her talk, working on a strategy that would get her to a place of healing and putting him in her past was more helpful. While she has had friends express their anger she needed someone to help her move forward and I helped her with that... I am glad I checked and glad she gained something from our interaction.

update: he came and got his stuff and her dad took her out. He came back for more stuff and she was their.... he just came right in and was angry and self righteous. She hid in her room while her roommate dealt with him. His anger was more around not having a place to live than anything else... there is still stuff there and now she is left wondering if he will show up again, or what she should do with it. I haven't heard what her plan is.

I asked her if I could post a link to her blog... she said I could but I don't have it yet. I will post it here when I do.
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