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Default After a quarter of a century

Three years ago my husband of more than 20 years and I had a male friend of his over for a few drinks. I was immediately attracted to him the first time I met his friend more than a year before that.

So that night we all got very plastered. Although I don't remember any of the sex part of it....My husband was devastated. Our friend left the state after that but stayed in contact with me.

Fast forward a year and he was back and we had one more encounter. My husband was present. Our friend left again for 7 months, staying in contact with me because whenever my husband answers the phone he is very short with my other lover.

My other lover has been back since May. I am avoiding contact because this is what my husband wishes me to do. The other came into my place of employment a month ago and cornered me in the kitchen. He kissed me, told me he would always love me and that he missed me terribly.

I told my husband and he agreed to invite him back to our house for dinner. I was happy....until my husband and my daughters' fiancee took the other outside for a chat. Thankfully it didn't get physical.

I am confused. Sometimes my husband acts like he wants a poly life. He brings it up even when I have learned to keep my feelings to myself. I am not looking for multiple partners. I want the both of them to myself and they both know this......
Never thought this would happen after 25 years of monogamy.

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