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So the gf says she wants a poly lifestyle.....where's her sense of compersion???? I'm not saying she wouldn't have some feelings of insecurity, but the idea is to work through them, not avoid discussing anything that triggers insecurity. I'm wondering if you're afraid to set a firm limit with your fiance? Are you afraid he might choose her over you if push came to shove? It sounds to me that your lovely wedding day isn't going to be so lovely if it can't be talked about.....shared....etc. Seems to me she can be given a choice of being around your place and dealing with the wedding planning going on with her there....or staying away more if it's so upsetting to her. I think your fiance needs to get a backbone on some of this, too, if he really does care about how it's affecting you. The gf can't make anything happen or not happen in the relationship unless your fiance goes along with it.

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