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Default I appreciate what I have, and so I use what I got.

I was looking on here to see where I thought I might want to dig into some more reading, and then I saw this category for "blogging" about our experiences. This had an immediate appeal to me, since it was something I was talking with greeneyes about last night. I think I would prefer to do this non-anonymously, but she is not ready for that, so I'm glad we have this place where I can do so in a more intimate, more anonymous environment (thus the posting title).

Forgive me if I don't start from the beginning, I really don't like to use that story-telling convention, anyway. I'll undoubtedly include stuff from the past, but I'm going to stay in the hear and now. Right now, I feel like I want to put something out there to the other minds of the "noosphere" or the global sapience, if you will. Thank you for letting me bounce my ideas off of you. I hope to treat your thoughts with respect and you with reverence, as I feel we all deserve =-)

This discussion my partner and I have begun which has brought us to a polyamory forum is uncovering issues that I don't believe were quite so visible before. I doubt that is a unique experience, heh. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and understand more about greeneyes, because she is the sun around which my solar system revolves =-x I hesitate to call where we are "polyamory" or even an "open relationship." As I mentioned in my intro, I am very committed to Ⓐnarchism ("non-rulership"), not merely as a "political" position, but as underlying structure to my philosophy on just about all things (striving for all things).

For myself, I leave open all possibilities including the idea that we never find people with whom to take action as it relates to (what I'll call) "sexual anarchism," but I also believe that our relationship has gotten better since the declaration that my sexuality will not be owned.

I look at an arrangement like "traditional marriage" as a kind of sexual capitalism, and popular references betray the widespread understanding people have of this (even if it is rare to be acknowledged openly). "Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?" is the first example that comes to mind. A cow and a wife (old form of "woman") are both bridal-ed/bridled to their respective husbands, and go on to provide milk for *his* family's nourishment. I never deny the "lifestyle choice" aspect of my Lesbianism. In my mind, it is a choice I have been very happy with, and I am always glad to see other formerly "straight" people choose to experiment with their own "Queer" nature. I put Queer in quotes there, because I don't really see anything strange about being Queer. To the contrary, I used to be an active member of the Republican Party :: pause for chuckle :: , and I can tell you that the phrase "methinks thou doth protest to much" could almost certainly NEVER be over-applied to the intersection of religious fundamentalism and human sexuality, LOLZ!
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