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Hey RP,

This line of thinking surfaces in many areas these days it seems. It CAN be a delusional and dangerous approach to life if not keep in proper perspective.

I believe it roots from much of the new age style belief system/philosophy that as energy manipulators we can create realities we desire. That "belief" has force. Do I need to mention what institutions have tried that approach for the last few thousand years ?

That said, I believe and know that there are some applications where there IS some substance to this. But there are others where I believe it's simply not applicable. So to adopt this belief as a panacea for all life's needs can be very dangerous indeed.

Does it have a role in our love lives ? Maybe. As a supplement. But sitting down in the basement drawing pictures of the love of our lives and dreaming of them is not going to manifest them from the walls. Unless we fall asleep with the candle burning and it happens to be the fireman that shows up to drag our lifeless body out of the embers.

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