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I'm new too -- loved your post! I have never known anyone poly in my life. So of course the whole idea seemed crazy to me until I came here and realized it's not so crazy afterall. How can more love be a bad thing? I hope to go to a convention someday to meet some real live ("thinking") polys face-to-face. From what I've read, the people here are intelligent, creative and brave. There is something so non-asshole-ish about being honest about your feelings, as opposed to the assholes who are out there pretending to be monogamous. For those who are happy, that's great, but I have known so many people living miserably (or at least unfulfilled) in monogamy that I am refreshed and encouraged by this forum.

I tend to babble in my posts -- I guess I'm often quite lazy -- but it is wonderful to be a member of this forum. I feel very lucky to be here
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