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Ugh, infuriating!!!

Listen, I did all the planning for my wedding and I know how demanding it is! That kind of organization is time-consuming! There are lots of details and you don't want to let things slide to the last minute. It seems to me that she is really being unreasonable and very inconsiderate to expect an engaged couple not to discuss wedding plans when it is only a few months away. I think your fiance is giving her too much say over how you and he conduct your relationship. That is ridiculous. It's a huge drain of your time and energy for her to be there 5 nights a week with the wedding 4 months away, if she has no intention of helping, and prevents him from helping you, too! I hate to burst your bubble, I really do, but she sounds very selfish. Your fiance might not realize how much work it is to put a wedding together, but still! He seems to be in a fog. Have you thought about having your fiance read the forum to see some of the input you've been getting? Might open his eyes a bit.
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