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Default New year

Hi Polyaine, welcome to the forum my love and thanks for posting and reading this discussion .

Yes everyone Polyaine and I did get married in December and we are still working on finding a way to make poly work in our relationship. I know a lot of my concerns are my own family of origin stuff but we all have baggage coming into relationships. How parents are emotionally makes a big impression on young children and this is important consideration for anyone planning to become poly. Poly has been a journey for the two of us and although it is painful at times it is also teaching us a lot about each other, about being a family, about being parents and also about life in general. One thing we have learned is that I find change challenging while Polyaine thrives on it and we have also discovered that we have different ideas about what polyamory means to us. I like the idea of it being about community and tribes while Polyaine likes having seperate relationships.

Hopefully we can learn from those who have already traveled this path and add our own experiences to the forum as our relationship evolves.
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