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Default short short brief synopsis

very very short synopsis of what I posted the other night....

my 3rd partner just told me she only wants to be my bestest friend... and this is the 3rd time in the past 2 years that she has done this... I am fearful that she is monogamous and continues lying about being poly just to be with him... I am really struggling with this.. because he loves her to pieces... she loves him with everything in herself.. I love and care for her.. but am quite pulled back and thinking that i don't want to lay my heart on the line again for her to do this yet again in 6 months... and I am watching hiim be torn apart because he wants a triad and has asked her to move out... he is a mess... I am a mess.. she is a mess... It is a friggin nightmare...

So I am hoping that someone can share what their healthy triad looked like... so I might have some ideas that make me feel comfortable going back into the ring with... or to help me determine if I should find a new ring .....

and then maybe my idea of what I want for a triad is just completely unworkable I don't know... thanks for any help

Thanks - Keri
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