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Originally Posted by sweetlivvie View Post
...I asked him when he thought he would be able to come down and meet them. He said "soon, love. Hopefully very soon." I asked if he thought maybe he could next weekend and he said "we'll see, maybe." That's not very encouraging to me, but ...
There may be some sort of challenge he's facing here that you don't yet understand. It may be difficult for him. He may not even be ready to talk about that challenge. I'd say, ... be patient a little longer. Then, ask him about why it represents a challenge to him. But give him a little time to try to deal with it on his own. He deserves a little time to try that out. But if he can't share it with you after a long while, or meet them, then you may need to try another approach. If he evades the issue for a long while, you may need to give up on him.
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