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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Wow, that's quite a blanket statement. And just your opinion. It is totally possible that a body can be more attractive at an older age than it was at 23.
Not by any conventional measure. If you would care to supply one I would appreciate it.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
First of all, everyone has different ideas of what is attractive. Secondly, every life experience is unique, and affects one's body in different ways, so such blanket statements are simply not realistic.
Yes everyone has different ideas of what is attractive. Some people find obese people attractive, others find very hairy women attractive, but they are minorities. I'm sure some people find wrinkles, saggy skin, and lip hair more attractive than those without, but I'm assuming they are also minorities. There is no need to say to someone who generalizes "that doesn't cover all cases", it's already known.

If you stack the same woman at 23 vs her at 43, and have everything else equal most men would choose the younger version. For a start the younger version is in reproduction years and men are wired to like that. If you want to live in a false reality where that isn't true then you can, but if you want to debate in the real world you have to make some compromises with your views.

That being said, a woman at 43 may not look extremely different from her 23yo self. I think with love the longer you have it with someone the more looks don't care to you, because they are as beautiful as they will ever be in your mind.

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