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As some one that is discovering my interest in the less conventional play world (fetishes and what not) I'm realizing how hard it can be sometimes to find a person to play with. My SO (I'm his secondary-ish) has limited time and even less interest in the stuff I want to try. I think in some ways these things that are so a part of your sexuality are almost like an orientation. I know that I would not be happy in a monogamous relationship that didn't address these needs. So, either you get really, really lucky and find a BF who is into what you like and you don't need anyone else. Or you explain to him that this is something you need and there's a good chance he might be totally ok with that. Especially since he's not too likely to want to volunteer himself. This hypothetical man we keep referring to. And if you're dating in the poly world, I don't see why any of this is even an issue. But I mean, given that you don't have sex, I think you have much better chance of a mono being just fine with the arrangement.
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