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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I expect there are very few people could take that kind of finger pointing in stride without breaking it and the arm it's attached to.
Because you and I have similar backgrounds, I completely understand this comment.

This is a part of her parents working through thier own issues. This is her family so I simply won't allow negative energy to cloud my actions and I will focus on bridging this gap between them. I am struggling with a bit of homewrecker syndrome but keep reminding myself that this is about how Redpepper has chosen to live her life and not specifically about me.... although it is easy to target me.

I know I am the right person to go through this with. I am committed to her and her family for life.

Trust me, I'm not always this understanding. If some one were to hurt Redpepper, her husband or reaction would be much different.

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