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Talking Curious couple in Colorado, looking to learn

Hello folks! I am brainfreezy (31 M) and my wife of 4 years is periwinklesunset (34 F), here in glorious Littleton, CO.

We've both lived relatively heterosexual monogamous lives. I experimented a bit and have come to the realization that I am also attracted to transgendered females, and she's had girl crushes before on very close friends, but has not acted on them. These feelings came up again recently, leaving us both feeling guilty, awkward, and afraid of the other person's reaction. Fast-forward a few months of disconnection and marital frustration; we finally talked...

We outed our curiosities to each other, and found that while we both thought that something was indeed missing from our marriage, we didn't want to actually lose each other or what we have. Imagine our relief to find that we were actually on the same page all along, but too scared to bring it up with the other! We talked quite a bit about it, and everything really opened up. We're very happy now, and excited to try something new together as a couple - but where to begin? We thought about swinging, but that doesn't seem to ring our bell (admittedly, we haven't tried it). We actually like the idea of having emotional attachments involved, so long as everything is couched in heavy communication and an atmosphere of love and trust.

So we hit the internet and found this site. We read through many threads and talked about it, and both thought, "hey, yeah... this feels like what's missing." We're aware of the unicorn myth, and we've seen the HBB flowchart (to our humor and slight dismay), but we want to go ahead anyway and explore this side of ourselves. We're not even all that sure of what we want at this point. Its as if a huge door has been opened, and our eyes are still adjusting...

(For now we'll have to stick to our forum handles, as she and I have a unique pair of names, and we obviously haven't outed ourselves to our family and friends yet, especially as we are just figuring this out right now).

Okay, I've proofread this 50 times and it is what it is...

Thanks for your time! We look forward to getting to know you...

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