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Originally Posted by learner View Post
However, these people are at least on the periphery of our social circle, and we're both finding it very hard to work out how to broach the subject and potentially have a relationship with these people without raising eyebrows. Does anyone have any advice to offer?
I think you are referring to the very different social, possibly political and maybe even spiritual views of the poly friends you have.

This is not new to me. I am from a very different background from most of my poly friends and certainly from a different political/spiritual background than Redpepper. Would I be fair in saying that these friends would stand out in their physical appearance as well? Most of my poly friends would stand out in my old social circle and in fact would probably not blend well. It is almost two ends of a political and economical scale. Certainly priorities are different.

I have essentially lost most of my old "traditional" social circle. Luckily I don't feel "friendship" in the same way as Redpepper or I would probably be crushed.

There are two influences in any relationship structure:
Internal - those from within that require fundamental agreement between those involved, and
External - those that are exerted by family, friends, and society.

The question is:
“Is what you are looking for internally worth the affects it will have on you externally?”

For me it is 100 % worth it!!
I am an individual and can only speak for myself. You will have to find the answers for yourself in this.

Best of luck and welcome to the forums

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