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Trust me; I understand how loving more than one person doesn't have to take away from another relationship. My relationship with Redpepper and her husband is based on that. I think it is wonderful really..painful and difficult at times but incredibly fulfilling.

There is no intention for judgement in any of my posts. I have no desire to debate love styles or predict the future I just want to share.

I and Redpepper just talked about the scenario you described last night. Is your husband polyamorous too? I am always in awe of partners in established monogamous relationships that can cope with even the suggestion that their partner wants someone else intimately. I was very clear with her in stating that given a relationship based on monogamist expectations towards my own 16 year marriage...if my wife had mentioned she wanted a relationship with another man I would have questions asked, no options. I covered that extensively in another post.

Even now after all I have learned, if somehow I were to end up in a monogamist based relationship and my lover made the same request, I would be gone. The difference is, I entered into my polyamorous relationship with Redpepper with a full understanding of it's basis. I love her with all my heart and she has just as much love for me. I love her ability to love without limits and am blessed by her in my life.
Thank you for your comment and I am glad you are bringing so much love into your life

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