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Originally Posted by candi View Post
Neon....we went to Coventry once, talk about a beautiful area...what an awesome place. Friends of ours (swing) actually got married there, in the summer of 09'. It only took us about an hour to get comfortable, and off the clothes came. What an interesting wedding it was, as most could imagine. They had a wonderful buffet that night and a dance, and we were welcomed in, like family. We will be going back this summer, we enjoyed it that much.

We don't go there anymore. I talked about how I don't want kids once and the owners emailed me saying I was no longer welcome there. Of course, that is MY side of the story. Bill and Susan would probably say it a little differently. They would say I had a "loud, vulgar" conversation at their beach area and that they had "complaints" from people who were "deeply offended". It is a very lovely piece of property though.

We go to Abbott's Glen now instead. You should try them out sometime. The owners do not have things crawling up their asses; if they have an issue with me, they tell ME, instead of smiling and waving then sending passive-aggressive emails and not even asking for my side of the story. But guess what? They don't HAVE "issues" with me (except last summer I kind of hogged the maple syrup because it's so good - i wanted to use it to glaze my chicken at dinner-time). So maybe that should tell something... Plus, they have a Finnish sauna and their hot-tub is actually HOT instead of luke-warm like Coventry's, and they are open all year round.

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