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Hubby and I swung for 6 years, until we ended up in a Poly relationship. Throughout those years, we always knew that we would like a situation, where we could have a small group of swing friends, that we could do more with, rather than just have sex. Things like hang out, have cookouts, go shopping, etc. We have now been in a relationship, as a quad, for just under a year (anniversary Mar 15th). We have not gone to a party, since. We really enjoy our relationship with our BF/GF. They live two houses up, so we're together all the time...basically live out of two houses. Some of our old crowd of swing friends, wish we would come back, but they don't understand Poly at all. At the end of swinging, I had a BF for about a year and a half, before this relationship started. I now know, that I was Poly all along, I just didn't know it existed, and what I was doing, was not an open relationship. I know that I couldn't go back to swinging, it just isn't me, and it never was.
Neon....we went to Coventry once, talk about a beautiful area...what an awesome place. Friends of ours (swing) actually got married there, in the summer of 09'. It only took us about an hour to get comfortable, and off the clothes came. What an interesting wedding it was, as most could imagine. They had a wonderful buffet that night and a dance, and we were welcomed in, like family. We will be going back this summer, we enjoyed it that much.
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