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When you truely love someone.... its kinda like my great grand mother said.(rest her soul)

She said..... you know you love someone when your old and grey... you look at them and see the same person you fell in love with all those years ago.No matter the wrinkles.. grey hair or no hair what ever... you can look at the person and still see the young man or woman you fell for all those years ago.

My brother said something to this effect on it all.....
He said.... you know the one your with loves you..... if they can still love you after youve puked all over the bathroom lol.

Looks fade... virility fades.. and time changes us all... a few pounds here and there.. wrinkles where there were none...ect..... What true lovers see in eachother is the soul.... thats the bond... not the body... because after all our bodies are only temporary.. Love.. and souls... are eternal.
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