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We talked about my need for space, and now she is much more careful about when she comes over. She actually got a place near us, so there is less of an issue. That part has gotten better.

I feel left out still. Mainly just not on their wavelength. You know how people develop a culture between them? My fiance's and I's is barely recognizable now. Fiance's and girlfriend's culture between the two of them is very strong. Lots of baby talk and inside jokes. I don't feel like I'm in the middle of that. I'm so generally stressed and unhappy it's hard to imagine getting into that stuff with them. Maybe it's because I'm unhappy, but I actually find it obnoxious.

We tried date nights with each of the pairs in our triad, but I wasn't comfortable with it, but said it was okay because I felt I ought, and then proceeded to freak out a little :-(

How do you know when poly is the wrong thing for you?
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