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I have thought about this too. That he's getting something he's been missing with me. I don't know how we have a situation where he gets what he's been missing and I get his exclusive company when I need it. How would it work? I get sick randomly and we spend about five nights a week with our girlfriend. There's a high probability that when I get randomly ill, we'll be all be together, I will get sick and fall away from the pack, then they will be together as a pair, when what I really crave is him alone with me.

When I read over my post, I don't really think I convey what it is to have my fiance there when I'm feeling gross. It is the only thing on the planet that I find comforting and because I feel so bad, my need for his company in this way rises past the level of a want and becomes a need. It's a big problem to a) not have that and b) watch him give it to someone else.

I'm missing out on a huge need for me, and it stresses me out.
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