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Default ... and her partner in crime =-)

I am the loving partner, M (not sure about the beautiful part, seeing as how biased I know greeneyes to be). I am a less awesome Ⓥegan cook, but better than most because of my awesome cooking mentor :: bats eyes at greeneyes ::

Oh yeah, my only artistic inclination is toward the low-art known as the "clever remark" :: rimshot, followed by a disappointed sigh ::

I would go along with everything said above, so I'll try not to repeat. I am glad for greeneyes to have taken the time to find what she needed, and I hope it is in this forum. She invited me to join in, as well, and I appreciate the trust that her actions show =-x

We really are very passionately in love, even for a <4 year relationship. Although I have been the partner that has shown a greater interest in non-monogamy in this relationship, my interest has not been for lack of interest in greeneyes either romantically or sexually. I think the one thing I would really want to add to someone trying to understand where the two of us come from is to say that we are very dedicated to Ⓐnarchism and radical thinking. Also, we spend too much time thinking and discussing for most people's interest (which is why we're so good together, lolz). I say this because I have been in a relationship before where everything sexual was about "kicks," and if I had tried to tell you that intellectualism had anything to do with it, I'd have been lying, lolz!

As greeneyes said, I am not pursuing any romantic or sexual relationships outside our partnership right now. The point for me is not to pursue *anything*, but that also includes chastity. I have a better gauge for what would or wouldn't hurt greeneyes than any set of "rules" that can be spelled out. The important thing for me is not to hurt this womon I love so much <3
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