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"I'm not certain that conversion is possible . . and . . In case I've not said thanks yet - THANKS !!"

From where I have been for 25 years I AM a convert - intellectually I had no idea it was possible to be so loving as to share your intimate friends.

So: meeting - albeit virtually - poly people has converted me from a reluctant mono to an enthusiastic poly.

By that token I'm a convert, intellectually, to where I have always been emotionally and spiritually. If I'd been approached by a poly woman years ago maybe I could've saved my close ones a lot of grief caused by me trying to be something I'm not.

I guess there is a parallel to being gay here - but if no-one else ever admits to it you just imagine there's something wrong with you. As soon as you meet others with the same predisposition, well, then you have - as I feel - found home at last.

So again, THANKS!

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