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Default Polyamory in the News, my latest roundup

Polyamory advocates break new ground in one of Canada's highest courts, with media coverage to match. A happy poly household is featured on TV, with toddler. We read that "Three is the new two," "Poly is the new gay," and "Is polyamory the new black?". Deborah Anapol weighs upsides and downsides. And a study uncovers a pathetic truth: many young lovers recall the opposite of what their partner does about their agreement on whether to be monogamous.

If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last three months, here is some of what you missed:

** Canadian activists take the case for poly decriminalization to British Columbia's highest court. "Attorney John Ince, representing the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, delivered the most direct and specific defense of polyamory as a legitimate way of life ever presented before such a high court. By evening the news was all over Canada...."

** More on the Canadian case, including a poly family who came very out.

** "Three is the new two, as couples explore the boundaries of non-monogamy". "The Hill-Thompsons are like any other young family expecting their first baby.... There is, however, one thing about the Hill-Thompsons that makes them a little unusual: there are three of them." Another mainstream newspaper shows that it can do a good job.

** A happy poly household is featured on TV, in a place that has left a terrible past behind.

** Thirty years later, poly movement co-founder Deborah Anapol offers thoughtful observations on the downsides and upsides of poly life.

** More college newspaper coverage, including more remarks on "poly as the new gay".

** A women's magazine asks, "Is polyamory the new black?"

** New culture? New advice columns needed. A roundup of knowledgeable and clueless attempts to deal with the subject.

** Kind hearts, cruel results? Although love should be the great clarifier of values, poly love is no better than the usual kind at guaranteeing that you won't mess someone up.

** "How to have an Open Relationship." A strong, healthy feminist voice in YES magazine sets an example.

** Poly and jolly for the holidays. Okay, they're over, but go ahead and enjoy this collection anyway.

** History buffs: Although the word "polyamory" was coined for its current meaning in 1990 and 1992, a version of it first appeared as early as 1953 -- but not for someone we would apply it to.

** And a large study reveals the sad truth: most young couples who *think* they have had a discussion about monogamy, and agreed with each other whether or not to be exclusive, might as well have been talking to the wind. A coinflip would do almost as well for telling whether the other partner heard what they said or heard the opposite. Communication catastrophe in mainstream monogamy.


Here's the site:

I've done 476 of these reports in the last six years, covering roughly 1,000 items in news media of all kinds. Archived entries are sorted by topic, date, and sometimes location and language. I hope you have as much fun browsing them as I do creating them!

Happy snow season,

Alan M.

P.S.: I plan to be at the Poly Living conference in Philadelphia next weekend, February 4-6, and Atlanta Poly Weekend March 25-27.
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