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Originally Posted by learner View Post
My husband and I have agreed to try something that falls probably somewhere in between swinging and polyamory
Many or most things involve some grey area between this and that, some blending and intermixing. But I don't think this is so with regard to swinging and polyamory. These are apples and oranges. The gap between them is far too tight to slip a butter knife in. One is either pregnant or not; the light switch is either off or on; you've either won the lottery or you have not....

Polyamory is about loving, and you really can't control love--, to be sure that it stays at a constant level "somewhere between swinging (not about love) and polyamory (all about love)."

Originally Posted by learner View Post
However, these people are at least on the periphery of our social circle, and we're both finding it very hard to work out how to broach the subject and potentially have a relationship with these people without raising eyebrows. Does anyone have any advice to offer?
Start with friendship that builds trust. Once trust is established, there should be no problem. There's no need to rush in.
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