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It's not too hard, but it's gotta have be approved and have a permit saying that the foundation is sound for a second story.
Then it's also on a hill, so that means you can only get to it from the front side (the rest is a steep hill to hell).
Also it's gotta be done in a way to be asthetically pleasing with the rest of the house (outside) cause it's HIGHLY visible and we're planning to move. Maca can do the electrical pretty easy (that's what he does) and as long as there's no plumbing, that's no big deal.

BUT-that side of the house is bedrooms upstairs, so there wouldn't be an entry directly to the house unless we changed that in the actual house-which we can't do right now, cause we're already short bedrooms.

ANYWAY-it's not particularly DIFFICULT, just time consuming detail bs.
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