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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
WOW really did'nt see this comin ..... like so much else in my current situation.

I was not trying to be snarky at all. It was light hearted humor.... I thought I had read several post in which redpepper said she dislikes the concept of rules. I thought she said that rules are to rigid and she prefers the use of boundaries. As these rule so speak where put in place month before I found this site, I guess it just highlights but another mistake. My 3 rules as they are were put in place with my kids in mind. Especially in this early stage, just having the bf pick her up would cause a shit storm I'm not ready to handle, let alone some type of sleep over. My son would either loose his mind or try to bug the room to hear what was being said. I've spent thousand to therapists for my wife and I. I don't want to do the same because my son watches to many spy movies, and saw something he shouldn't have. Kids: girl almost 13 son 10.

I see now I was being Way Way Way to familiar as a new person here. I have tried to keep a sense of humor when sometimes things aren't all that funny right now. Now I know how Yakoff Sirmnoff feels. oups hope I didn't piss off the Yakoff Fans, my luck he's a member. Very Very sorry to all. even Yakoff.
And I would like to apologize for my part of the misunderstanding, dinged. I hope it won't discourage you from being part of the community here.
As you can see, we care about each other, and stick up for each other. Peace, brotherman.
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