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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
*warning neon and others that prefer my posts are edited... I realize this isn't. My phone is biting the dust and I am getting a new one tonight, sooo there* *i know the term is dick zillion btw* excuse me dinged, this is a hyjack, you and I have talked via PM so I'm going to assume you don't mind me clearing something up that I have wondered about.

This is what I get from todays posts on here. My repetative posts about MY point of view are seen as judgmental by some posters that are regulars? If I write a fuck zillion of posts on casual sex as I see it or LDR's as I see it or "rules" as I see it then its seen differently than neon posting? This makes me some kind of "motherly" polyfi freak? *sarcsm* fuuuck... I only do it because people ask the same shit over and over again and don't bother READING what has gone before. Everyday its the same threads started. Its the same everyday. If a thread doesn't have any sort of indication that my opinion is covered, I add it. Plain and simple. There is nothing more attached to it than what I am doing sorks for me. The formula I use for my poly works. I am not everyone, I am not wanting to be everyone. I am me and I only stay here because I appreciate and love hearing other peoples stories. I love hearing the diversity amongst my community. I like to meet new people, not because I want to be a "mother." for the record I don't identify as poly fi as I am not involved with a closed tribe. I am closed, but everyone else (except Mono of course) is open.

We are good magdlyn, we always have been in my eyes. You might be different from me, but I never judged you. I would appreciate no judgment in return. You and others brought me through some really hard times and I appreciate that. Please realize that when people go through shit they are not always able or don't always notice that they might come across as judgmental on line in their sarcasm. I am guilty of this for sure, which is why I let people know I am being sarcastic... And often don't even attempt trying to be funny. For some reason from me it sounds extra judgmental. I dunno.... These are just random thoughts coming from a woman who is really not doing so good right now, so bare with me.
redpepper, i'm not sure what you mean by "prefer my posts are edited".

Speaking for myself, I don't think your posts come across as "judgmental". I do however, agree with Mags that sometimes it SEEMS like you have a knee-jerk reaction when someone mentions casual sex, LDR's, or what-have-you, but I have never seen you imply that what works for you must work for everyone else and is the "only" right way. In fact, the opposite seems to be the case.

I'm thinking that at some point, we'll move these "hijacky" posts over to the wank (Forum Sociology) thread.
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