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If I may-

Can I suggest that you start the conversation with something along the lines of:

"Guys, I need some help. I'm struggling with jealousy, insecurity *whatever you feel is the right word* and I can't seem to break it. I know you've noticed, I just don't know what step I need to take right now and I need your help."

I say this because it's obvious from all three of you's posts that there is a great love and care FOR YOU from both of them.
One of the hardest htings to do is trust others to love and care for us when we feel like we aren't living up to our own expectations of ourselves.
Taking that chance, by asking for help from those people tends to not only get the help, but it helps them feel more able to help AND it builds trust which is key to knocking down the feelings you are struggling with.

HUGS to all of you!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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