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JRiver - I think you are as close as it gets on these forums to what I have experienced.

Mono & XYZ - I dont see the value in dissecting the psych analysis you have written. I have done the same for years.. Its the intellectual analytical way... Excuse me if you feel that I am responding to every specific argument point you have made head on.

Proving oneself right & someone else wrong is the greatest kick to the ego... I tend to get into that, but then become aware... each person is different.. each his own.

I am not here to prove my point or outline qualifications & depth of human behavioral analysis nor outline how many psych books, how many children & how many varied people & companies I have worked with across the globe for various Fortune 10, 20 companeies. ( I know I just did that.. lol ...)
I am here to share an experience without using any of the above as a "credibility" or "qualification" statement. Which is why I did not do it earlier.

I am not saying I am better or better off than you or anyone else... We all have our journey, experience & shifts in perception & awareness.

Moving forward...

The mind cannot perceive or fathom what the heart has experienced. (Apples & Oranges)

With no disrespect the only thing I can say is.. Maybe you have yet to experience unconditional bliss devoid of external circumstances that 'please' you. Yet to experience that true nature.. or become aware of it when it does happen. We start with that true nature, lose it & then crave it all our lives in all things, actions, thoughts, emotions, relationships, activities & people.

If you think a so called beautiful scene in nature 'pleases' you because the colors are vivid etc etc.. Then thats true to some level.. But that is later intellectual evaluation of an experience with logical reasoning "Why is this so captivating?"

There are times when you're captured by a sight and there are no thoughts, you're not thinking... Beautiful or Colors or Captivating.. in fact the mind is not at all LABELING the experience. There are no thoughts & labels about IT... No attention or thoughts of the past or future.. of remembering the sight or of having seen something similar.. Of being a human being who enjoys such sights..

If you think children laugh & smile more because they are 'pleased' by things we do.. then I am sorry to say in my humble opinion you've read way too much freudian psychology.. and I doubt if Freud was a happy person.

Maybe that is why children are happier because they carry lesser sense of "ego" "Identity" built upon past & future. They build catles in the air for that moment .. and then let it go in the next moment..

They are not a mythical creature... They are as real as it gets.. If you want to see a glimpse of god.. then after an Enlightened Master they are the closest commonly occuring observable phenomenon.

They bring you INTO the moment, into their play... You forget all worries of past & future no matter how troubling.

For me this did not happen until the last few years.. Its been a journey that cannot happen for anyone until it is time. I've ignored it for years before.. then it was high time.
As the Master says.. "Do not try to explain your experiences. They will not understand"

In words the space can be articulated but its like articulating the taste of asian food to a guy who has had nothing but mashed potatoes all his life & nothing else. (Just an analogy).

Its like explaining love & peace to a terrorist, someone who is one because their life experiences had none.

Like the rush of bungee jumping to someone who has never experienced any such thing..

Its the Archimedes sense of Eureka/ Aha! moment for the heart & the soul.

In terms of caring for someone else.. and supporting them. ...You would do it and anything & everything from the heart out of your own choosing.. own feeling own drive.
Not because someone tells you "you dont do X, so you do not love me".

Those that need to be "proved" to that you love them over & over again do not understand love.

e.g. If someone tells you "I love you", you doubt it. If someone tells you "I hate you" you believe it. Its the nature of the mind to DOUBT. Especially to DOUBT the positive.

Love is not ... You do X (my expectation) = You love me. If you dont do X = You dont love me. ..Vice versa. That is NOT love. That is transaction. You give me X & I will give you Y... Doing X out of your heart is fine.. doing it because of a demand.. / conditional "If you X then you love me" is ... Transactional.
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