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I didn't participate in the poll / survey, as I find the four categories extremely limiting.

I'm a (bi-) man, and while I intensely enjoy sex, it's just not all that interesting to me unless there's an actual relationship happening, some level of loving.

Recently, I've been intensely engaging in a broadly ranging somatics inquiry, (somatic psychology, bodywork, mindfulness practices, sensory awareness....), and I've been longing for some loving touches (giving, receiving) from at least one other person than my partner of 14 years. I'm not sure it has to be sexual, per se, to satisfy my need to explore novelty and contrast. But it'd certainly not be limited to therapeutic massage, which is about as far as my touching outside this relationship has gone for a long while.

The good news is that I'm opening to being touched by breezes and sunlight in a whole new way! And gravity! On the zafu. My vertebrae are re-aligning. Pops!
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