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Gah. My gf has a friend, only ever met her online (but they both did date the same guy at one point, not concurrently...)

this young woman is in a relationship w a horrible abuser. He is also "poly" which means he fucks other women, refuses to use condoms, has knocked up several... But this woman can't have other lovers.

And this poor girl (shes 26) is his "slave." In a supposedly consensual BDSM relationship. Ha! He's just a dom-ass.

This girl has lost all her friends and family, except my gf. They've all given up on her b/c she just won't listen to them and leave this ass. She is fearful of everything tho. She has left him several times, but she always goes running back.

He doesnt beat her, but he is terribly emotionally abusive. And she just takes it, and takes it, and as we speak, is giving birth to her second child with him. It's horrible. And she just refuses to leave him...

So, beware of trying to help an abused woman. You can talk til youre blue in the face, but its very hard for them to break the pattern.
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