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I think the biggest thing that I need to remember in this transition in my life, is that I love Jen the person. After seven years, we have grown together very well. We have adapted to many different situations, and have always been on the same page (more or less).

That being said, if Jen decides that she is poly, I need to adapt to the situation, and overcome the things I feel. Ultimately my goal in life is to keep Jen happy. If being with my friend makes her that much happier, be it with him, with me, or both... Then that is what makes me happy.

The amount of intimacy we've had in the last week has been amazing. We've talked about very deep things more than we ever have in our relationship. I think focusing on points like that will help me to get through this situation.

I don't know if I'm poly. I'm probably mono. I feel completely satisfied emotionally and physically by Jen. The situation has never come up that a female could be let into our family, so who knows?
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