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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polys in Court - week 4 - Prof Rose McDermott testimony

Summary of transcripts remainder of Dec 15 and morning of Dec 16,2010.

Professor Rose McDermott was called to the stand as a witness for the AG of Canada. She is currently a prof of political science at Brown University in Rhode Island. Among many other qualifications, Professor McDermott has held a research fellowship at Stanford studying an application of behaviour
genetics to the origins of political ideology. Also she had a research fellowship at Harvard studying the biological basis of leadership comparing leaders and non-leaders looking at basically hormonal and genetic underpinnings of leadership and political ideology. Her area of expertise is political psychology with a focused interest in international elite decision making as opposed to mass politcal behaviour (ie - how voters react to economic downturn).
Professor McDermott has authored and co-authored several books in her area of interest as well as much involvement in academic organizations related. Through a series of unrelated coincidences began working on a research project to study polygamy about 10 yrs ago.
Her report was compiled specifically for this reference case and was to examine three points:
1. the impact of polygynous relationships on women's equality
2. the influence of polygynous relationships on children including the health and welfare of children born of polygynous marriages
3. the influence of polygamy on various aspects of the nation state
The updates here are still backlogged to just before xmas.

The trial is continuing this week with testimony from bountiful.

Bountiful women to offer court rare glimpse into secretive community
Vancouver— The Canadian Press
Published Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011 10:49PM EST
The women of a secretive polygamous sect in southeastern British Columbia have been cast as slaves, shackled by their religion in a world of abuse.

But several women from Bountiful, B.C., will tell a different story when they testify in a Vancouver courtroom this week, insisting polygamy has been a positive force in their lives and asking that the law against multiple marriage be thrown out.

Utah watching B.C. case examining polygamy trials
VANCOUVER— The Canadian Press
Published Monday, Jan. 24, 2011 8:52PM EST
Utah's attorney-general is keeping an eye on a B.C. court case examining Canada's polygamy laws, as the state struggles to deal with tens of thousands of fundamentalist Mormons who believe in multiple marriage.

But the state has taken a different approach to dealing with the closed polygamous compounds that dot the region's mountainous landscape, limiting prosecution to clear-cut cases of abuse and reaching out to fundamentalist Mormon communities to ensure children and women have access to help.
For those interested in more frequent updates, or going to the source, the CPAA website has a link to the Court Document Archives for all related material from the case...including the latest official transcripts from the proceedings.
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