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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
In the mono world the intimate act of sex was or has sacred status. In the poly world that sacred status is given to furniture, places, rooms, sexual positions or acts, shower stalls and even shoes. "You can wear my partner so to speak but I draw the line with my shoes god damn it." It seems bit crazy particularly the sexual position one... not real verifiable . Is this some mental game of replacement. Is there some need for sacred status to replace a perceived loss?
WHAT? Where on earth did you get that? The sanctity of sex (or its lack of sanctity) is no more and no less clear and concrete for poly people than for mono people. Polyamorous people are just more honest and open about that fact, and about the fact there is a wide variety of opinion and feeling on this and most other subjects. Before you seriously argue the sanctity of sex in the monogamous mind, I invite you visit any bar, lounge or night club around closing time.

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
That said I requested 3 rules. Yes Redpepper rules. I think I heard your teeth mash together... sorry.... And not just rules but, RULES.
Really? Did you really intend to snark personally on Redpepper, someone with extensive life experience in an area you are struggling with, who has extended to you the benefit of her hard-won wisdom, for no reasons other than her compassionate nature and that YOU ASKED?

I hope I have read you wrong. It is such an unwise course of action to disrespect the people whose help you have sought.
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