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In the mono world the intimate act of sex was or has sacred status. In the poly world that sacred status is given to furniture, places, rooms, sexual positions or acts, shower stalls and even shoes.
We really don't have rules, we have been poly over 15 years. I am mono and she is poly. She only has one boyfriend at a time(by her choice not a rule) and they tend to last a long time(years). I would never tell her how to have sex, where to have sex and so on. Her relationship with her boyfriend is between them and is separate from our relationship. I do not interfere. I do not say you do that for him and not me. He has needs just like I do. She does a pretty good job with time management. Sometimes she spends more time with me sometimes with him. When she spends time with him, most of the time she spends the night over his house some time for days. They are free to have sex in our house. Some time we have threesomes, or if I come home and they are going at it I might watch. She has a key to his house and he has a key to ours. Some time the three of us go on vacation together some times she goes on business trips with him. My wife and her boyfriend are fluid bonded.

Other than a request for safe sex, I think itís wrong to limit your partner and their lover sexually. You canít have oral, you canít kiss, you canít do this position or that position is a bunch of bull in my opinion. If your just swining its ok to limit sex acts, but if it is a true loving relationship its just wrong.
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