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Cool Accidental Quad

Hello from Colorado! My husband and I (15 years) have been in a quad relationship with my best friend and her husband for the past year. It began when my friend, very nervously admitted to having a crush on me. I put her mind at ease and assured her the feeling was mutual! Both of our husbands had fantasies about watching a lesbian couple making out, so we arranged for an evening of experimentation. However, they were quickly included in the fun and for the past year we have had an amazing, rocky, deeply intimate, emotional roller coaster ride with them. We have not "outed" our relationship to anyone except our therapists. Both couples see (separate) marriage councilors who help us keep our primary relationships in proper and healthy working order. Both therapists are very supportive of the quad and very open minded. The men tend to struggle with jealousy of some level pretty much on a regular basis though. They also tend to get into an emotional funk when they have "performance" issues. That being said, we are a very solid group. Our paramount concern had always been that our individual marriages remain healthy, and our basic friendship remain in-tact. If the romantic piece ever needs to be put on the back burner, the friendship must remain. So far, so good. I sometime worry that we are playing with fire, but as time goes on, we seem to be getting better at it! :-)
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