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Default Favour to ask

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Yes Redpepper rules. I think I heard your teeth mash together... sorry.... And not just rules but, RULES. The good part is there are only 3.

Easy on personalizing your posts my friend. There is no need to single out individual posters because it gives you the impression of looking for a fight. People on here come to share experiences and advice out of caring.

Dinged Heart, I can tell you are hurting pretty badly and definitely no where near ready to go down the poly path my friend. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting this.

The hate/anger and resentment in your words indicate a very open wound and I feel for your pain. Please take a breath, relax and try to express yourself without challenging everyone who actually wants to help.

You're not wrong about anything...your pissed off about everything.

Take care and I hope you gain some balance. Definitely express how torn apart you are to your wife.

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