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Well, we discussed things, and he did come here to read and will continue too. I suggested maybe he make a name and ask some questions if he felt.

He's very receptive, and trying to be understanding. He wants me to be happy, but his mind is reeling from all of this information, and he feels change is coming. He doesn't really "get it", but is willing to keep discussing it and give it a try.

I am not unhappy, even if he pulls the plug, I will still be incredibly happy in our marriage, but knowing how much this feels right and normal for me the more I learn will be difficult.

I did get a copy of the book am reading it now, he said he would read it as well. Our friend is most likely coming over this weekend, so we can all discuss it together.

In the meantime, every day we have had more questions for each other, and I feel the communication is going well. I actually feel a stronger connection in our marriage and with my husband.

I'm soo glad I found this site!!
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