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Default How to bring it up?

My husband and I have agreed to try something that falls probably somewhere in between swinging and polyamory - basically neither of us wants to have anonymous or casual encounters, but I don't think either of us intends to fall in love with anyone else either, although we haven't ruled out the possibility of this happening. We've talked and talked about it and discussed every possibility, and we've decided not to make any hard and fast rules except not to hurt each other, or at least to do our best not to.

We both live in the area in which we grew up, where everybody knows everybody and everyone's business. We also have 3 kids, and we really want to try to be as discreet as possible, especially having witnessed a few of our more open minded friends' reactions when we have discussed this with them, we dread to think what the reactions of the less open minded ones would be!

We've started going out more and meeting more people, and there are a few people who have become quite good friends recently who have shown an interest. However, these people are at least on the periphery of our social circle, and we're both finding it very hard to work out how to broach the subject and potentially have a relationship with these people without raising eyebrows. Does anyone have any advice to offer?
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