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Interesting observations, Nikkiana; I've recently put myself up on a dating website as being a bi man looking for poly-friendly partners of either gender, and so far the overwhelming interest (such as it is ) has been from women who identify themselves on that site as 'straight'. Dunno if this is just a UK thing.

I do know that gay men there don't come near me now that I'm 'bi', though they did when I was 'gay', but that might be the Torch Song Trilogy Phenomenon - you know: "Just for once, I'd like to meet a bisexual man who lived with his boyfriend and snuck out to see his girlfriend..." There's still a strong perception that bisexual (bi men in particular) = promiscuous/confused.

I have yet to find a UK-based polyamory site or forum to see what others are up to or into over here. Oh hell, does that mean I should start one?

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