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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
In my experience the best place to meet like minded people is at poly functions. They seem to yield a very diverse amount of people and I often find people that I relate to.

If there isn't a group near you then start one... even if its just out of those you meet on OKcupid getting together for coffee because you have noticed that they have "polyamorous" tagged in their profile. I'm a big fan of creating what I am missing in life. I wanted to meet with women to talk about my relationship, so I started a women's group. This past Christmas I decided it would be fun to go bowling so I planned an event for the poly community here and invited everyone. I like to dance and planned a poly night out to go dancing... just plan stuff and people will show up if you make it open enough and don't be exclusive... that has been the best way to meet those in my life now. Well Derby actually... Mono I met on plenty-of-fish and Leo there too. The rest of the community I met on OKcupid.
This is really great advice, something I didn't think to do! Thanks!
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