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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I put that to my Mum that perhaps she might be jealous. She was infuriated even more. Most of the time we were together was taken up with what happened after I asked that question... in that she went on about her horrible life and how disappointed she is in it.
CLASSIC, textbook case of the J-word. I know you know that.

I totally understand about the concern with Mono vs. pedophile. It is one of those things where if they were worried about it, best they SAY something and give RP the chance to explain it. I think everyone did good in that way.

And, I totally understood from the original post that RP's parents were concerned about this BEFORE they found out Mono was her boyfriend, not BECAUSE they found out he's her BF.

My expert opinion is that things will probably settle back to whatever the status quo was before the shit hit the fan. That means don't expect RP's parents to be picnicking with Mono anytime soon.
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