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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Ohiogrl, you could add Rita Haywood to your list. She was a red head back in the day.

I'm part of a pin up photo shoot and am taking her shoots to be my guide. I have long hunger hair that would look lovely all flowy and natural with a turquoise 50's style dress and yellow flowers in my hair. There are pictures of Rita in this style on the net.

Can't wait! Its a lot of fun posing and primping, but exhausting!
Fun weekend ahead.
Oh that sounds like so much fun! I am a big fan of pin up girls and old school actresses! LOVE Ingrid Bergman, she is just sooo..... Innocent.

Cant add them to the list though cuz they are real people! The list is all comic book Characters. ^_^
Though interestingly enough Comics started coming out around the same time the pin ups did. Right after actually, in the 30's, so reality, alot of the comic girls, are likely based on images and idea's of already popular models and actresses.
Enjoy your photo shoot! sounds awesome!
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