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It is the agreement breaking that hurt. I get jealous sometimes, I have some fear of loss, but the overriding thing here is TRUST. I have been soooooo clear to him about trust, honesty, etc. As stated in a previous thread I was ready to leave the relationship because he said he could not fulfill my needs (he wanted to stay fb, I did not).

He came back and apologized profusely, sang me a song on his guitar, brought me flowers, spent time with me, etc. And we made this agreement to be mono so that we could build trust in each other..... so what hurts is that he came back only to break the trust we were trying to build.

It sucks. Like I said, not sure what to do here.

I talked to him. I told him he hurt me. I asked him questions... My stomach still hurts from this, but I have chosen to forgive. This based on the fact that he broke his own boundaries as well and felt remorse for it. Also, because we both discovered we weren't telling each other some things that needed to be said. I have not regretted anything in this thus far, so hopefully I am making the right decision for myself here. I have to say, however.... I will have to see his actions, once again... I told him that things may very well take a long time. If this happens again, in the near future, I am out.

That is where I stand... thanks everyone for your input. I am discovering the importance of communication, and that although I always thought I was very good at it, I can get better.

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