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Can I be you when I grow up?

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I am a 55 year old pansexual woman, open to relationships with straight guys, lesbians, transgenders, genderqueers and bisexuals femme or butch, whether they have a cock or a cooch, or something in between down there.

Congrats on finally getting to try out the other side! Must be quite fun to explore around a male body/psyche for a change.

It wouldn't break my heart. I will treasure all the intense and fun times we did have together. I'm so grateful for being able to share time with him, I mostly just concentrate on the NOW.
It has been! Although I have to admit I expected sex with men to be more different than sex with women than it has turned out so far. Still it's all good

You and NYCindie both understood what I was ineptly trying to say - there is lots on this board on managing multiple love relationships - and it's super helpful - but not a lot on managing those less intense relationships. Thanks for teasing that out better than I managed to do.

I often have trouble staying in the NOW - something I'm working on. And this FWB relationship is good for that!
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