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Originally Posted by gemini View Post
my wife and i seek out a triad relationship with her. would this be the wrong forum for that?

Not at all. But I don't recall you saying that before.

Does SHE know that's what you and your wife want? and does she want that too? I'm assuming you mean a closed, poly-fidelitous triad, where no one is supposed to have a relationship outside of the three of you?

That's all super-grooovy 'n' shit, but

1) You need to DISCUSS THAT, and

2) Everyone needs to AGREE TO THAT

3) If you've DONE 1 and 2 and someone still wants to have other romantic/sexual/intimate relationships outside of the triad, then it's NOT GONNA WORK.

4) If 3 = "true", then:

5) Re-evaluate your expectations, OR

6) Find someone else with whom to form your triad.

<end script>

Good luck.
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