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Default She did everything right

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
My first thought was who's idea was this?? Why torture the "mono guy" ? Why not do this at Leo's house or your poly husbands space?
We discussed this before he came over. I setup the movie and encouraged the movie night. We all camp together as friends and I needed to explore what type of ways I am comfortable with people being in my space, which surrounds her space, so to speak. I felt it was a gift as well I needed to see how it would be so I pushed myself. There was no torture involved accept that generated by my own mind and Redpepper was very conscientous of my feelings. She did everything right.

Redpepepr and I are extremely trustworthy and have control of our sexuality so the idea or excuse of "getting cought up in the moment" is not one we adhere to. We've both done it in the past and know what the ramifications are.

I want to give her as much as possible without giving so much that she loses my intimate connection. This visit encroached on that. Oddly enough, I'd have no problem with PN or Derby having sex in her room. Derby has been over and everything was great. I was hoping it would be like that for Leo too but their supressed attraction made it feel as though I was setting her up to create a situation that would interupt my connection to her.

Tonight they have a movie date upstairs in the main house. I'm cool with that. In fact I will be setting up the video equipment again

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