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Originally Posted by Libre2Love View Post

Mono, to address your's one I ask myself constantly. I wish I could say that it would be easy for me to accept but right now I can't say that. But mostly because it hasn't been an issue that I've dealt with yet. In my heart, I feel that it would be weird at first, maybe a bit tough to deal with, but in the end I would recognize the love that is there and would learn to embrace her in our lives. I won't lie and say it will be easy. But I am open to love and will always try my best to fair to my husband. If I'm asking him to be open and share me, I have to do the same for him.
Poly people are a sweet mystery to me...I love my relationship but honestly can't understand the drive to go through these challenges.
I'm glad I don't have to understand to be healthy.

I sometimes wonder if poly people are all very giving and strong or very selfish and weak. (If I can wonder that..imagine what it looks to some one completely from the outside who isn't enjoying a poly relationship)

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